With the help of our all-star lineup of blues musicians, Lightning's Lessons is teaching your little ones and the curious! 

Read-along and sing-along while learning the days of the week and months of the year, directions (North, South, East, and West), counting, shapes, manners, eating healthy, the seasons, ABC's, a blues story, and more!   

Our Blues All-Stars: Tommy Castro, Laura Chavez, Vanessa Collier, Shemekia Copeland, Ray Greene (Santana / Tower of Power), Shari Puorto, Duke Robillard, Curtis Salgado, Chris Vachon, Jimmy Vivino, Victor Wainwright, Doug Woolverton and many more!  


Our mission:   
1. To assist in teaching young children (targets PreK to 2nd grade) & curious minds basic learning concepts.     
2. To inspire and ignite an early love for Roots/Blues music in a fun and memorable way. 

Not only will children have fun, but adults will, too!
Parents, we proudly introduce world-class musicians who will inspire you to sing along with your children. So, join the fun…Snap your fingers, clap your hands, and do the shape dance!  

Note: Music and book sold separately or see our combo purchases! Avail. in all formats

Vol. 1, Blues All-stars !

(in alphabetical order): 

Carey Bowman, Tommy Castro*, Laura Chavez, Vanessa Collier, Shemekia Copeland*, Ray Greene, 
Big Llou Johnson, Scottie Miller, Leon Spradley,
Shari Puorto, Duke Robillard, Curtis Salgado*,
Chris Vachon, Jimmy Vivino, Victor Wainwright, & Doug Woolverton.  
* (courtesy of Alligator Records)

Additionally: Chris Anzalone, Travis Colby, Mike Dansereau, Eugene Gorsky, Cody Nilsen and Nick Sanfilippo. 

Introducing our Characters:

Little Lightning, Big Blue Tractor, Ms. Earthie, Freddie the Frog, Go-Go, Peter Polite Piggie,  P-ewe, Ramsey & The Ewe-ettes, The Veggies, and more!   Meet them HERE!

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Let's keep the blues alive in our youth!

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