Lightning and his friends

Little Lightning

Your Host

Hello kids! My name is Little Lightning, and I’m your bunny rabbit host. I hope you have fun learning while singing and reading to our blues all-stars!

Do you know what blues music is? Well, you’re going to soon find out! 

So you know music is really, really old, right?! It goes waaay back before your great - grandparents were born. The most important thing to know is a lot of the music you hear today was influenced by blues music and musicians. How old is blues music? Rumors say it started back in the mid 1800’s! But most say around 1903, and it became more popular around the 1930’s. (Ask Mommy and Daddy when they were born?!) Blues music was created as a way of expression and came out of the Deep South (in the United States). Look on your map to see where this is!

Once blues music made it’s way to urban areas (that means places where lots of people live). It changed to electric blues, Chicago blues, rhythm & blues, & rock-n-roll! You’ll learn all this soon enough. Music keeps changing, but we feel it’s important to keep the blues alive! We hope these songs and musicians inspire you to find your passion in music!

So, let’s have some fun with my friends on this educational journey!

Music & Love,