Read & sing-along with LL's soundtrack!
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All 'lessons' in one amazing sing-along book

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Educational sing-along book

 Teaching your little ones and the curious on multiple levels is what Lightning’s Lessons (“LL”) is all about. 

Readers and music lovers of all ages will thoroughly enjoy this multi-platform learning experience! While reading through our lessons in lyrical form you will be guided by our lovable cast of characters. So why not turn up the music of Lightning’s Lessons Vol. 1 to really bring our characters to life and sing-along with our blues all-stars! 

LL's lyrical book and music outline basic learning concepts which are perfect for reading aloud to your children or in the classroom.  Combining lyrical book and music,* LL’s entertaining multi-platform experience can assist in memorization, spelling, and literacy, as it was thoughtfully constructed to produce a positive learning environment and encourage participation. So enjoyable, your children will forget they are learning! 

Bunny rabbit host Little Lightning (and his cast of friendswill take your children on a learning journey focusing on:
the days of the week and months of the year, 
directions (North, South, East, and West),
eating healthy, 
the seasons, 
ABC's, a blues story, and more! 

Not only will children have fun, but parents will, too! Parents, we proudly introduce world-class musicians who will also inspire you to sing-along with your children with Vol. 1’s soundtrack.
So, join the fun…Snap your fingers, clap your hands, and do the shape dance! 

*sold separately